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.. _release-8-8-2:
Release notes for version 8.8.2
GHC 8.8.2 is a minor release intended to fix regressions and minor bugs in the 8.8.1.
- A bug (:ghc-ticket:`17088`) in the compacting garbage collector resulting in
segmentations faults under specific circumstances. Note that this may affect
user programs even if they did not explicitly request the compacting GC
(using the :rts-flag:`-c` RTS flag) since GHC may fallback to compacting
collection during times of high memory pressure.
- A code generator bug (:ghc-ticket:`17334`) resulting in GHC panics has been fixed.
- A bug in ``process`` causing builds using ``hsc2hs`` to fail
non-deterministically on Windows has been fixed (:ghc-ticket:`17480`)
- A typechecker bug (:ghc-ticket:`12088`) resulting in programs being
unexpectedly rejected has been fixed.
- A bug in the implementation of compact normal forms resulting in segmentation
faults in some uses of :ghc-ticket:`17044` has been fixed.
- A bug causing GHC to incorrectly complain about incompatible LLVM versions
when using GHC 7.0.1 has been fixed.
Known issues
- A long-standing bug (:ghc-ticket:`16893`) which can cause some applications
of ``unsafeCoerce`` to segmentation fault is only partially fixed in this
release. This release only avoids this issue in the uses of ``unsafeCoerce``
in ``Data.Typeable.Internal``, which was the proximate cause of
However, it is possible that this bug could manifest in user-code using
``unsafeCoerce`` to perform dynamic type checks. See the ticket for details.
Included libraries
The package database provided with this distribution also contains a number of
packages other than GHC itself. See the changelogs provided with these packages
for further change information.
.. ghc-package-list::
libraries/array/array.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/base/base.cabal: Core library
libraries/binary/binary.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/bytestring/bytestring.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/Cabal/Cabal/Cabal.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc-pkg`` utility
libraries/containers/containers/containers.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/deepseq/deepseq.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/directory/directory.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/filepath/filepath.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
compiler/ghc.cabal: The compiler itself
libraries/ghci/ghci.cabal: The REPL interface
libraries/ghc-boot/ghc-boot.cabal: Internal compiler library
libraries/ghc-boot-th/ghc-boot-th.cabal: Internal compiler library
libraries/ghc-compact/ghc-compact.cabal: Core library
libraries/ghc-heap/ghc-heap.cabal: GHC heap-walking library
libraries/ghc-prim/ghc-prim.cabal: Core library
libraries/haskeline/haskeline.cabal: Dependency of ``ghci`` executable
libraries/hpc/hpc.cabal: Dependency of ``hpc`` executable
libraries/integer-gmp/integer-gmp.cabal: Core library
libraries/libiserv/libiserv.cabal: Internal compiler library
libraries/mtl/mtl.cabal: Dependency of ``Cabal`` library
libraries/parsec/parsec.cabal: Dependency of ``Cabal`` library
libraries/process/process.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/pretty/pretty.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/stm/stm.cabal: Dependency of ``haskeline`` library
libraries/template-haskell/template-haskell.cabal: Core library
libraries/terminfo/terminfo.cabal: Dependency of ``haskeline`` library
libraries/text/text.cabal: Dependency of ``Cabal`` library
libraries/time/time.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/transformers/transformers.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/unix/unix.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/Win32/Win32.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/xhtml/xhtml.cabal: Dependency of ``haddock`` executable
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