Commit ac34e784 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones Committed by Marge Bot
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Remove bogus assertion

Remove a bogus assertion in FamInst.newFamInst
(There is a comment to explain.)

This fixes Trac #16112.
parent 2e9426df
......@@ -158,8 +158,10 @@ newFamInst :: FamFlavor -> CoAxiom Unbranched -> TcM FamInst
-- Freshen the type variables of the FamInst branches
newFamInst flavor axiom@(CoAxiom { co_ax_tc = fam_tc })
= ASSERT2( tyCoVarsOfTypes lhs `subVarSet` tcv_set, text "lhs" <+> pp_ax )
ASSERT2( tyCoVarsOfType rhs `subVarSet` tcv_set, text "rhs" <+> pp_ax )
ASSERT2( lhs_kind `eqType` rhs_kind, text "kind" <+> pp_ax $$ ppr lhs_kind $$ ppr rhs_kind )
-- We used to have an assertion that the tyvars of the RHS were bound
-- by tcv_set, but in error situations like F Int = a that isn't
-- true; a later check in checkValidFamInst rejects it
do { (subst, tvs') <- freshenTyVarBndrs tvs
; (subst, cvs') <- freshenCoVarBndrsX subst cvs
; dflags <- getDynFlags
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