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Improve kind inference for tuple types

Trac #7410 pointed out a terrible error message, which is
much improved by this patch.

parent 19760a20
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ module ErrUtils (
MsgDoc, mkLocMessage, pprMessageBag, pprErrMsgBag, pprErrMsgBagWithLoc,
pprLocErrMsg, makeIntoWarning,
errorsFound, emptyMessages,
errorsFound, emptyMessages, isEmptyMessages,
mkErrMsg, mkPlainErrMsg, mkLongErrMsg, mkWarnMsg, mkPlainWarnMsg,
warnIsErrorMsg, mkLongWarnMsg,
......@@ -133,6 +133,9 @@ mkPlainWarnMsg dflags locn msg = mk_err_msg dflags SevWarning locn
emptyMessages :: Messages
emptyMessages = (emptyBag, emptyBag)
isEmptyMessages :: Messages -> Bool
isEmptyMessages (warns, errs) = isEmptyBag warns && isEmptyBag errs
warnIsErrorMsg :: DynFlags -> ErrMsg
warnIsErrorMsg dflags
= mkPlainErrMsg dflags noSrcSpan (text "\nFailing due to -Werror.")
......@@ -68,7 +68,8 @@ import NameEnv
import TysWiredIn
import BasicTypes
import SrcLoc
import DynFlags ( ExtensionFlag( Opt_DataKinds ) )
import ErrUtils
import DynFlags
import Unique
import UniqSupply
import Outputable
......@@ -404,15 +405,26 @@ tc_hs_type hs_ty@(HsTupleTy HsBoxedOrConstraintTuple tys) exp_kind@(EK exp_k _ct
| isLiftedTypeKind exp_k = tc_tuple hs_ty HsBoxedTuple tys exp_kind
| otherwise
= do { k <- newMetaKindVar
; tau_tys <- tc_hs_arg_tys (ptext (sLit "a tuple")) tys (repeat k)
; k' <- zonkTcKind k
; if isConstraintKind k' then
finish_tuple hs_ty HsConstraintTuple tau_tys exp_kind
else if isLiftedTypeKind k' then
finish_tuple hs_ty HsBoxedTuple tau_tys exp_kind
tc_tuple hs_ty HsBoxedTuple tys exp_kind }
-- It's not clear what the kind is, so assume *, and
; (msgs, mb_tau_tys) <- tryTc (tc_hs_arg_tys (ptext (sLit "a tuple")) tys (repeat k))
; k <- zonkTcKind k
-- Do the experiment inside a 'tryTc' because errors can be
-- confusing. Eg Trac #7410 (Either Int, Int), we do not want to get
-- an error saying "the second argument of a tuple should have kind *->*"
; case mb_tau_tys of
Just tau_tys
| not (isEmptyMessages msgs) -> try_again k
| isConstraintKind k -> go_for HsConstraintTuple tau_tys
| isLiftedTypeKind k -> go_for HsBoxedTuple tau_tys
| otherwise -> try_again k
Nothing -> try_again k }
go_for sort tau_tys = finish_tuple hs_ty sort tau_tys exp_kind
try_again k
| isConstraintKind k = tc_tuple hs_ty HsConstraintTuple tys exp_kind
| otherwise = tc_tuple hs_ty HsBoxedTuple tys exp_kind
-- It's not clear what the kind is, so make best guess and
-- check the arguments again to give good error messages
-- in eg. `(Maybe, Maybe)`
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