Commit cc0413b7 authored by Aiken Cairncross's avatar Aiken Cairncross Committed by Ben Gamari

Fix typo in error message

(cherry picked from commit ca721193)
parent 9d9eb267
......@@ -2549,7 +2549,7 @@ warnPmIters dflags (DsMatchContext kind loc)
msg is = fsep [ text "Pattern match checker exceeded"
, parens (ppr is), text "iterations in", ctxt <> dot
, text "(Use -fmax-pmcheck-iterations=n"
, text "to set the maximun number of iterations to n)" ]
, text "to set the maximum number of iterations to n)" ]
flag_i = wopt Opt_WarnOverlappingPatterns dflags
flag_u = exhaustive dflags kind
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