Commit 274e21f0 authored by Hécate Moonlight's avatar Hécate Moonlight
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Remove the dependency on the ghc-linters stage

parent 74ee1237
......@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ validate-x86_64-linux-deb9-unreg-hadrian:
stage: quick-build
needs: [ghc-linters, lint-linters, lint-submods]
needs: [lint-linters, lint-submods]
image: "$DOCKER_REV"
# workaround for docker permissions
......@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@ hadrian-ghc-in-ghci:
stage: lint
needs: [ghc-linters, lint-submods]
needs: [lint-submods]
- lint
image: "$DOCKER_REV"
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