Commit 3eaa55dc authored by Richard Eisenberg's avatar Richard Eisenberg

Apply Note [EtaAppCo] in OptCoercion to another case

parent ef443820
......@@ -577,9 +577,8 @@ opt_trans_rule is in_co1@(FunCo r1 co1a co1b) in_co2@(FunCo r2 co2a co2b)
mkFunCo r1 (opt_trans is co1a co2a) (opt_trans is co1b co2b)
opt_trans_rule is in_co1@(AppCo co1a co1b) in_co2@(AppCo co2a co2b)
= fireTransRule "TrPushApp" in_co1 in_co2 $
mkAppCo (opt_trans is co1a co2a)
(opt_trans is co1b co2b)
-- Must call opt_trans_rule_app; see Note [EtaAppCo]
= opt_trans_rule_app is in_co1 in_co2 co1a [co1b] co2a [co2b]
-- Eta rules
opt_trans_rule is co1@(TyConAppCo r tc cos1) co2
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