Commit 9187d5fb authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Allow unpacking of single-data-con GADTs

Trac #14978 pointed out that single-constructor GADTs should be
unpackable without trouble.

Acutally I realise that even existentials should be unpackable
too, but that's a bit more work, so it's not part of this patch.

See Note [Unpacking GADTs and existentials] in MkId.
parent 07abff71
......@@ -855,7 +855,7 @@ dataConArgUnpack arg_ty
-- A recursive newtype might mean that
-- 'arg_ty' is a newtype
, let rep_tys = dataConInstArgTys con tc_args
= ASSERT( isVanillaDataCon con )
= ASSERT( null (dataConExTyVars con) ) -- Note [Unpacking GADTs and existentials]
( rep_tys `zip` dataConRepStrictness con
,( \ arg_id ->
do { rep_ids <- mapM newLocal rep_tys
......@@ -879,31 +879,27 @@ isUnpackableType :: DynFlags -> FamInstEnvs -> Type -> Bool
-- we encounter on the way, because otherwise we might well
-- end up relying on ourselves!
isUnpackableType dflags fam_envs ty
| Just (tc, _) <- splitTyConApp_maybe ty
, Just con <- tyConSingleAlgDataCon_maybe tc
, isVanillaDataCon con
= ok_con_args (unitNameSet (getName tc)) con
| Just data_con <- unpackable_type ty
= ok_con_args (unitNameSet (getName data_con)) data_con
| otherwise
= False
ok_arg tcs (ty, bang) = not (attempt_unpack bang) || ok_ty tcs norm_ty
ok_con_args dcs con
= all (ok_arg dcs) (dataConOrigArgTys con `zip` dataConSrcBangs con)
-- NB: dataConSrcBangs gives the *user* request;
-- We'd get a black hole if we used dataConImplBangs
ok_arg dcs (ty, bang) = not (attempt_unpack bang) || ok_ty dcs norm_ty
norm_ty = topNormaliseType fam_envs ty
ok_ty tcs ty
| Just (tc, _) <- splitTyConApp_maybe ty
, let tc_name = getName tc
= not (tc_name `elemNameSet` tcs)
&& case tyConSingleAlgDataCon_maybe tc of
Just con | isVanillaDataCon con
-> ok_con_args (tcs `extendNameSet` getName tc) con
_ -> True
| otherwise
= True
ok_con_args tcs con
= all (ok_arg tcs) (dataConOrigArgTys con `zip` dataConSrcBangs con)
-- NB: dataConSrcBangs gives the *user* request;
-- We'd get a black hole if we used dataConImplBangs
ok_ty dcs ty
| Just data_con <- unpackable_type ty
, let dc_name = getName data_con
, not (dc_name `elemNameSet` dcs)
= ok_con_args (dcs `extendNameSet` dc_name) data_con
| otherwise
= True -- NB True here, in constrast to False at top level
attempt_unpack (HsSrcBang _ SrcUnpack NoSrcStrict)
= xopt LangExt.StrictData dflags
......@@ -915,7 +911,30 @@ isUnpackableType dflags fam_envs ty
= xopt LangExt.StrictData dflags -- Be conservative
attempt_unpack _ = False
unpackable_type :: Type -> Maybe DataCon
-- Works just on a single level
unpackable_type ty
| Just (tc, _) <- splitTyConApp_maybe ty
, Just data_con <- tyConSingleAlgDataCon_maybe tc
, null (dataConExTyVars data_con) -- See Note [Unpacking GADTs and existentials]
= Just data_con
| otherwise
= Nothing
Note [Unpacking GADTs and existentials]
There is nothing stopping us unpacking a data type with equality
components, like
data Equal a b where
Equal :: Equal a a
And it'd be fine to unpack a product type with existential components
too, but that would require a bit more plumbing, so currently we don't.
So for now we require: null (dataConExTyVars data_con)
See Trac #14978
Note [Unpack one-wide fields]
The flag UnboxSmallStrictFields ensures that any field that can
......@@ -2,6 +2,11 @@ TOP=../../..
include $(TOP)/mk/
include $(TOP)/mk/
$(RM) -f T14978.o T14978.hi
-'$(TEST_HC)' $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -O -c -ddump-simpl T14978.hs -dsuppress-coercions | grep 'foo'
# Expecting the defn of 'foo' to apply Goof to an unboxed coercion
$(RM) -f T13468.o T13468.hi
-'$(TEST_HC)' $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -O -c -ddump-simpl T13468.hs | grep 'Error'
module T14978 where
data Equal a b where
Refl :: Equal a a
data Goof a where
Goof :: {-# UNPACK #-} !(Equal a Int) -> Goof a
foo :: Goof Int
foo = Goof Refl
foo :: Goof Int
foo = T14978.Goof @ Int @~ <Co:1>
......@@ -297,3 +297,7 @@ test('T14152a', [extra_files(['T14152.hs']), pre_cmd('cp T14152.hs T14152a.hs'),
test('T13990', normal, compile, ['-dcore-lint -O'])
test('T14650', normal, compile, ['-O2'])
test('T14959', normal, compile, ['-O'])
['$MAKE -s --no-print-directory T14978'])
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