Commit 9cc6a182 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

White space only

parent 71d50db1
......@@ -2724,14 +2724,18 @@ decideJoinPointHood NotTopLevel usage bndrs
ok bndr
| -- Invariant 1: Only tail calls, all same join arity
AlwaysTailCalled arity <- tailCallInfo (lookupDetails usage bndr)
, -- Invariant 1 as applied to LHSes of rules
all (ok_rule arity) (idCoreRules bndr)
-- Invariant 2a: stable unfoldings
-- See Note [Join points and INLINE pragmas]
, ok_unfolding arity (realIdUnfolding bndr)
-- Invariant 4: Satisfies polymorphism rule
, isValidJoinPointType arity (idType bndr)
= True
| otherwise
= False
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