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    Remove some horrible munging of origins for Coercible · 02bac025
    Simon Peyton Jones authored
    I just didn't think it was buying enough for all the cruft it caused.
    We can put some back if people start complaining about poor error
    messages. I forget quite how I tripped over this but I got sucked in.
    * Lots of tidying up in TcErrors
    * Rename pprArisingAt to pprCtLoc, by analogy with pprCtOrigin
    * Remove CoercibleOrigin data constructor from CtOrigin
    * Make relevantBindings return a Ct with a zonked
      and tidied CtOrigin
    * Add to TcRnTypes
          ctOrigin   :: Ct -> CtOrigin
          ctEvOrigin :: CtEvidence -> CtOrigin
          setCtLoc   :: Ct -> CtLoc -> Ct
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