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    Add 'stm' package to the global package database · 02ff7056
    Herbert Valerio Riedel authored
    This is a preparation for `haskeline` picking up a dependency on `stm`
    real soon now. See https://github.com/judah/haskeline/pull/61 for details.
    If we figure out a way to not bundle the libraries depended upon by the
    GHCi executable in the global package database (see #8919 for the original
    reason why we had to start bundling terminfo/haskeline in the first place)
    we can get rid of `stm` again...
    On the bright side, we were able to avoid uploading new `stm` releases for
    over two years already, so it shouldn't cause too much trouble if GHC imposes
    a strong preference on the `stm` package's version (this most likely will
    mostly affect Linux distributions & similiar).
    While at it, this also update the stm submodule to include relaxed
    bounds to allow the upcoming base-4.11 version.
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