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    [project @ 2001-06-14 12:50:05 by simonpj] · 16d5d1c7
    simonpj authored
    	Installation packaging
    GHC runs various system programs like
    	cp, touch
    	gcc, as, ld etc
    On Windows we plan to deliver these programs along with GHC,
    so we have to be careful about where to find them.
    This commit isolates all these dependencies in a single module
    Most of the #ifdefery for mingw has moved into this module.
    There's some documentation in SysTools.lhs
    Along the way I did lots of other cleanups.  In particular
      * There is no more 'globbing' needed when calling runSomething
      * All file removal goes via the standard Directory.removeFile
      * TmpFiles.hs has gone; absorbed into SysTools
      * Some DynFlag stuff has moved from DriverFlags to CmdLineOpts
    Still to do:
      **	I'm a bit concerned that calling removeFile one at a time
    	when deleting masses of split-object files is going to be
    	rather slow
      **	GHC now expects to find split,mangle,unlit in
    	instead of just
    	So something needs to change in the Unix installation scripts
      **    The "ineffective C preprocessor" is a perversion and should die