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    Re-engineer caseRules to add tagToEnum/dataToTag · 193664d4
    Simon Peyton Jones authored
    See Note [Scrutinee Constant Folding] in SimplUtils
    * Add cases for tagToEnum and dataToTag. This is the main new
      bit.  It allows the simplifier to remove the pervasive uses
      of     case tagToEnum (a > b) of
                False -> e1
                True  -> e2
      and replace it by the simpler
             case a > b of
                DEFAULT -> e1
                1#      -> e2
      See Note [caseRules for tagToEnum]
      and Note [caseRules for dataToTag] in PrelRules.
    * This required some changes to the API of caseRules, and hence
      to code in SimplUtils.  See Note [Scrutinee Constant Folding]
      in SimplUtils.
    * Avoid duplication of work in the (unusual) case of
         case BIG + 3# of b
           DEFAULT -> e1
           6#      -> e2
      Previously we got
         case BIG of
           DEFAULT -> let b = BIG + 3# in e1
           3#      -> let b = 6#       in e2
      Now we get
         case BIG of b#
           DEFAULT -> let b = b' + 3# in e1
           3#      -> let b = 6#      in e2
    * Avoid duplicated code in caseRules
    A knock-on refactoring:
    * Move Note [Word/Int underflow/overflow] to Literal, as
      documentation to accompany mkMachIntWrap etc; and get
      rid of PrelRuls.intResult' in favour of mkMachIntWrap
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