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    Build system: check for inconsistent settings (#10157) · 1b8eca18
    thomie authored
    `configure` currently detects when the docbook and hscolour tools aren't
    available, and instead of failing outright (as it does for missing alex
    and happy), sets some variables in mk/config.mk to tell `make` not to
    build the documentation.
    Sometimes, however, you want to really make sure all documentation gets
    built, fully colourized. For example when making a release. To do so,
    you can override the mentioned variables from mk/config.mk in
    mk/build.mk (e.g. set HSCOLOUR_SRCS=YES).
    This patch adds some error checking to make sure that doing so will not
    result in weird build failures when those tools are still missing.
    Test Plan: ran `make` a couple of times, with different mk/config.mk settings.
    Reviewed by: austin
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1232
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