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    Add OverloadedLists, allowing list syntax to be overloaded · 3234a4ad
    Simon Peyton Jones authored
    This work was all done by
       Achim Krause <achim.t.krause@gmail.com>
       George Giorgidze <giorgidze@gmail.com>
       Weijers Jeroen <jeroen.weijers@uni-tuebingen.de>
    It allows list syntax, such as [a,b], [a..b] and so on, to be
    overloaded so that it works for a variety of types.
    The design is described here:
    Eg. you can use it for maps, so that
            [(1,"foo"), (4,"bar")] :: Map Int String
    The main changes
     * The ExplicitList constructor of HsExpr gets witness field
     * Ditto ArithSeq constructor
     * Ditto the ListPat constructor of HsPat
    Everything else flows from this.
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