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    Revert multiple commits · 3cf8ecdc
    Austin Seipp authored
    This reverts multiple commits from Simon:
      - 04a484ea Test Trac #10359
      - a9ccd37a Test Trac #10403
      - c0aae6f6 Test Trac #10248
      - eb6ca851 Make the "matchable-given" check happen first
      - ca173aa3 Add a case to checkValidTyCon
      - 51cbad15 Update haddock submodule
      - 6e1174da Separate transCloVarSet from fixVarSet
      - a8493e03 Fix imports in HscMain (stage2)
      - a154944b Two wibbles to fix the build
      - 5910a1bc Change in capitalisation of error msg
      - 130e93aa Refactor tuple constraints
      - 8da785d5 Delete commented-out line
    These break the build by causing Haddock to fail mysteriously when
    trying to examine GHC.Prim it seems.
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