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    [project @ 2000-03-14 09:55:05 by simonmar] · 3ddfe34b
    simonmar authored
    Handle references from the RTS to the Prelude in a more consistent
    	- For statically-linked binaries, nothing has changed.
    	- For the interpreter, refs from the RTS to the Prelude
    	  are now indirected.  The indirections need to be
    	  filled in at some point during startup by calling
    	  fixupPreludeRefs (in Prelude.c).
    	- The CHARLIKE and INTLIKE tables are now handled in
    	  the same way for both Hugs and DLLs.
    Hugs will be broken for a short while until Julian sorts out the Hugs
    parts of this change.
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