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    Revert stage 1 template-haskell. This is a combination of 5 commits. · 5c459eef
    Edward Z. Yang authored
    Revert "Quick fix: drop base bound on template-haskell."
    This reverts commit 3c70ae03.
    Revert "Always do polymorphic typed quote check, c.f. #10384"
    This reverts commit 9a43b2c1.
    Revert "RnSplice's staging test should be applied for quotes in stage1."
    This reverts commit eb0ed403.
    Revert "Split off quotes/ from th/ for tests that can be done on stage1 compiler."
    This reverts commit 21c72e7d.
    Revert "Support stage 1 Template Haskell (non-quasi) quotes, fixes #10382."
    This reverts commit 28257cae.
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