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    Refactor (again) the handling of default methods · 78693246
    simonpj@microsoft.com authored
    This patch fixes Trac #4056, by 
     a) tidying up the treatment of default method names
     b) removing the 'module' argument to newTopSrcBinder
    The details aren't that interesting, but the result
    is much tidier. The original bug was a 'nameModule' panic,
    caused by trying to find the module of a top-level name.
    But TH quotes generate Internal top-level names that don't
    have a module, and that is generally a good thing.  
    Fixing that in turn led to the default-method refactoring,
    which also makes the Name for a default method be handled
    in the same way as other derived names, generated in BuildTyCl
    via a call newImplicitBinder.  Hurrah.
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