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    #1617: Add :browse! and various other additions to GHCi · 806ab633
    Simon Marlow authored
      - :browse!
        a variant of :browse that lists children separately,
        not in context, and gives import qualifiers in comments
    SimonM: I also added sorting by source location for interpreted
    modules in :browse, and alphabetic sorting by name otherwise.  For
    :browse *M, the locally-defined names come before the external ones.
      - :{ ..lines.. :} (multiline commands)
        allow existing commands to be spread over multiple lines
        to improve readability, both interactively and in .ghci
        (includes a refactoring that unifies the previous three
        command loops into one, runCommands, fed from cmdqueue,
        file, or readline)
      - :set
          now shows GHCi-specific flag settings (printing/
          debugger), as well as non-language dynamic flag 
        :show languages
          show active language flags
        :show packages
          show active package flags as well as implicitly 
          loaded packages
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