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    Consolidate `TablesNextToCode` and `GhcUnreigsterised` in configure (#15548) · 81860281
    Joachim Breitner authored
    `TablesNextToCode` is now a substituted by configure, where it has the
    correct defaults and error handling. Nowhere else needs to duplicate
    that, though we may want the compiler to to guard against bogus settings
    I renamed it from `GhcEnableTablesNextToCode` to `TablesNextToCode` to:
     - Help me guard against any unfixed usages
     - Remove any lingering connotation that this flag needs to be combined
       with `GhcUnreigsterised`.
    Original reviewers:
    Original subscribers: TerrorJack, rwbarton, carter
    Original Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D5082
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