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    More work towards dynamic programs on Windows · b35a6ce0
    Ian Lynagh authored
    Dynamic GHC is now working in-place, but pathologically slow due
    to the DLL split.
    (GHC assumes that all intra-package calls are in the same DLL, but that
    isn't true when we split the GHC package into 2 DLLs. That means that
    GHC's startup time is around 22 seconds, as it is doing run-time
    Also, ghci isn't actually working yet:
    $ inplace/bin/ghc-stage2 --interactive
    GHCi, version 7.7.20130512: http://www.haskell.org/ghc/  :? for help
    Loading package ghc-prim ... <command line>: can't load .so/.DLL for:
    HSghc-prim- (addDLL: could not load DLL)
    ghc-stage2.exe: HSghc-prim- The specified module could not be
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