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    [project @ 2001-10-03 13:57:42 by simonmar] · b4623557
    simonmar authored
    Tidy up ghc/includes/Constants and related things.
    Now all the constants that the compiler needs to know, such as header
    size, update frame size, info table size and so on are generated
    automatically into a header file, DeriviedConstants.h, by a small C
    program in the same way as NativeDefs.h.  The C code in the RTS is
    expected to use sizeof() directly (it already does).
    Also tidied up the constants in MachDeps.h - all the constants
    representing the sizes of various types are named SIZEOF_<foo>, to
    match the constants defined in config.h.  PrelStorable.lhs now doesn't
    contain any special knowledge about GHC's conventions as regards the
    size of certain types, this is all in MachDeps.h.