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    Testdriver: do not interfer with MinGW path magic (#10449) · ce166a3a
    thomie authored
    This should fix the testsuite driver on Windows using the MinGW tools
    with a native build of Python.
    MinGW automagically converts MinGW-style paths (e.g.
    '/c/programs/ghc/bin/ghc') into ordinary Windows paths (e.g.
    'C:/programs/ghc/bin/ghc') when a native Windows program is invoked. But
    it doesn't do so when those paths are wrapped with a pair of escaped
    double quotes.
    The fix is to not call `eval` on the paths in Python, which let's us use
    one less pair of quotes, and makes MinGW happy.
    Reviewers: Rufflewind, austin
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D911
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