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    Rework Template Haskell's handling of strictness · f975b0b1
    Ryan Scott authored
    Currently, Template Haskell's treatment of strictness is not enough to
    cover all possible combinations of unpackedness and strictness. In
    addition, it isn't equipped to deal with new features (such as
    `-XStrictData`) which can change a datatype's fields' strictness during
    To address this, I replaced TH's `Strict` datatype with
    `SourceUnpackedness` and `SourceStrictness` (which give the programmer a
    more complete toolkit to configure a datatype field's strictness than
    just `IsStrict`, `IsLazy`, and `Unpack`). I also added the ability to
    reify a constructor fields' strictness post-compilation through the
    `reifyConStrictness` function.
    Fixes #10697.
    Test Plan: ./validate
    Reviewers: simonpj, goldfire, bgamari, austin
    Reviewed By: goldfire, bgamari
    Subscribers: thomie
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1603
    GHC Trac Issues: #10697
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