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    Revert "Build system: don't create mk/are-validating.mk" · fa587316
    thomie authored
    This reverts commit aecf4a5f.
    It turns out the Simons are relying on 'mk/are-validating.mk', see
    The workflow they are using is:
      * run ./validate
      * find a bug in the compiler
      * try to fix the bug, running 'make 1' (or 'make 2') repeatedly. Because
        of 'mk/are-validating.mk', this uses the same build settings as validate.
      * continue ./validate (--no-clean)
    I suggested two alternatives:
      A. run 'make 1 Validating=YES' instead of 'make 1'
         Problem: when running `./validate --fast` or `./validate --hpc`
         instead of a normal `./validate`, validate sets ValidateSpeed and
         ValdateHpc in mk/are-validating.mk. You would for example have to run
         'make 1 Validating=YES ValidateSpeed=FAST' instead of 'make 1' to get the
         same build settings as `./validate --fast`, which is entirely too long and
         error prone.
      B. uncomment `#BuildFlavour=validate` in mk/build.mk, and include
          * any other settings you have in build.mk will also get used.
          * the distinction between 'mk/validate.mk' and 'mk/build.mk' becomes less
          * it is easy to forget to include 'mk/validate.mk'.
          * the build system again doesn't have access to the ValidateSpeed and
            ValdateHpc settings set by validate.
    Neither of these two options is entirely satisfactory.
    Reviewers: austin, bgamari
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1383
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