Commit 0169d632 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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withExtendedLinkerState: don't revert the whole state

Fixes test failures print017 and print024
parent b15724ad
......@@ -278,17 +278,31 @@ linkDependencies hsc_env span needed_mods = do
linkModules dflags lnks
-- | Temporarily extend the linker state.
withExtendedLinkEnv :: [(Name,HValue)] -> IO a -> IO a
withExtendedLinkEnv new_env action
= bracket set_new_env
(const action)
where set_new_env = do pls <- readIORef v_PersistentLinkerState
where set_new_env = do
pls <- readIORef v_PersistentLinkerState
let new_closure_env = extendClosureEnv (closure_env pls) new_env
new_pls = pls { closure_env = new_closure_env }
writeIORef v_PersistentLinkerState new_pls
return (closure_env pls)
reset_old_env env = modifyIORef v_PersistentLinkerState (\pls -> pls{ closure_env = env })
-- Remember that the linker state might be side-effected
-- during the execution of the IO action, and we don't want to
-- lose those changes (we might have linked a new module or
-- package), so the reset action only removes the names we
-- added earlier.
reset_old_env env = do
modifyIORef v_PersistentLinkerState $ \pls ->
let cur = closure_env pls
new = delListFromNameEnv cur (map fst new_env)
pls{ closure_env = new }
-- filterNameMap removes from the environment all entries except
-- those for a given set of modules;
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