Commit 07846c5a authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Use machdepCCOpts when compiling the file to toggle -(no-)rtsopts

Should fix toggling on OS X "Snow Leopard". Diagnosed by Roman Leshchinskiy.
parent 8d28994f
......@@ -1305,12 +1305,14 @@ mkExtraCObj dflags xs
oFile <- newTempName dflags "o"
writeFile cFile $ unlines xs
let rtsDetails = getPackageDetails (pkgState dflags) rtsPackageId
(md_c_flags, _) = machdepCCOpts dflags
SysTools.runCc dflags
([Option "-c",
FileOption "" cFile,
Option "-o",
FileOption "" oFile] ++
map (FileOption "-I") (includeDirs rtsDetails))
map (FileOption "-I") (includeDirs rtsDetails) ++
map Option md_c_flags)
return oFile
-- generates a Perl skript starting a parallel prg under PVM
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