Commit 09b025ea authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Wibbles to yesterday's "Simplify kind generalisation" patch

In particular, in mkExport we must quantify over the kind
variables mentioned in the kinds of the free type variables
parent 6806906d
......@@ -512,6 +512,7 @@ tcPolyInfer top_lvl rec_tc prag_fn tc_sig_fn mono closed bind_list
tcMonoBinds top_lvl rec_tc tc_sig_fn LetLclBndr bind_list
; let name_taus = [(name, idType mono_id) | (name, _, mono_id) <- mono_infos]
; traceTc "simplifyInfer call" (ppr name_taus $$ ppr wanted)
; (qtvs, givens, mr_bites, ev_binds) <-
simplifyInfer closed mono name_taus wanted
......@@ -558,9 +559,11 @@ mkExport prag_fn qtvs theta (poly_name, mb_sig, mono_id)
-- In the inference case (no signature) this stuff figures out
-- the right type variables and theta to quantify over
-- See Note [Impedence matching]
my_tv_set = growThetaTyVars theta (tyVarsOfType mono_ty)
my_tvs = filter (`elemVarSet` my_tv_set) qtvs -- Maintain original order
my_theta = filter (quantifyPred my_tv_set) theta
my_tvs1 = growThetaTyVars theta (tyVarsOfType mono_ty)
my_tvs2 = foldVarSet (\tv tvs -> tyVarsOfType (tyVarKind tv) `unionVarSet` tvs)
my_tvs1 my_tvs1 -- Add kind variables! Trac #7916
my_tvs = filter (`elemVarSet` my_tvs2) qtvs -- Maintain original order
my_theta = filter (quantifyPred my_tvs2) theta
inferred_poly_ty = mkSigmaTy my_tvs my_theta mono_ty
; poly_id <- addInlinePrags poly_id prag_sigs
......@@ -200,6 +200,7 @@ simplifyInfer _top_lvl apply_mr name_taus wanteds
| isEmptyWC wanteds
= do { gbl_tvs <- tcGetGlobalTyVars
; qtkvs <- quantifyTyVars gbl_tvs (tyVarsOfTypes (map snd name_taus))
; traceTc "simplifyInfer: emtpy WC" (ppr name_taus $$ ppr qtkvs)
; return (qtkvs, [], False, emptyTcEvBinds) }
| otherwise
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