Commit 0e3cc744 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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remove old #ifdef SMP bits

parent 6837025d
......@@ -429,24 +429,9 @@ stg_sig_install(StgInt sig STG_UNUSED,
* We like to shutdown nicely after receiving a SIGINT, write out the
* stats, write profiling info, close open files and flush buffers etc.
* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#ifdef SMP
pthread_t startup_guy;
static void
shutdown_handler(int sig STG_UNUSED)
#ifdef SMP
// if I'm a worker thread, send this signal to the guy who
// originally called startupHaskell(). Since we're handling
// the signal, it won't be a "send to all threads" type of signal
// (according to the POSIX threads spec).
if (pthread_self() != startup_guy) {
pthread_kill(startup_guy, sig);
// If we're already trying to interrupt the RTS, terminate with
// extreme prejudice. So the first ^C tries to exit the program
// cleanly, and the second one just kills it.
......@@ -477,10 +462,6 @@ initDefaultHandlers()
struct sigaction action,oact;
#ifdef SMP
startup_guy = pthread_self();
// install the SIGINT handler
action.sa_handler = shutdown_handler;
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