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[project @ 2005-07-28 13:12:02 by simonmar]

comments about -fno-strict-aliasing
parent b64b016b
......@@ -326,6 +326,10 @@ ifeq "$(Windows)" "YES"
PrimOps_HC_OPTS += -\#include '<windows.h>' -\#include win32/AsyncIO.h
# -O3 helps unroll some loops (especially in copy() with a constant argument).
# -fno-strict-aliasing is a hack because we often mix StgPtr and StgClosure pointers
# to the same object, and gcc will assume these don't alias. eg. it happens in
# copy() with gcc 3.4.3, the upd_evacee() assigments get moved before the object copy.
GC_HC_OPTS += -optc-O3 -optc-fno-strict-aliasing
# Cmm must be compiled via-C for now, because the NCG can't handle loops
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