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Move lazy from GHC.Base to GHC.Magic

parent 14bad9a4
......@@ -99,6 +99,7 @@ module GHC.Base
module GHC.Base,
module GHC.Classes,
module GHC.CString,
module GHC.Magic,
module GHC.Types,
module GHC.Prim, -- Re-export GHC.Prim and GHC.Err, to avoid lots
module GHC.Err -- of people having to import it explicitly
......@@ -108,6 +109,7 @@ module GHC.Base
import GHC.Types
import GHC.Classes
import GHC.CString
import GHC.Magic
import GHC.Prim
import {-# SOURCE #-} GHC.Err
import {-# SOURCE #-} GHC.IO (failIO)
......@@ -510,17 +512,6 @@ maxInt = I# 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF#
id :: a -> a
id x = x
-- | The call '(lazy e)' means the same as 'e', but 'lazy' has a
-- magical strictness property: it is lazy in its first argument,
-- even though its semantics is strict.
lazy :: a -> a
lazy x = x
-- Implementation note: its strictness and unfolding are over-ridden
-- by the definition in MkId.lhs; in both cases to nothing at all.
-- That way, 'lazy' does not get inlined, and the strictness analyser
-- sees it as lazy. Then the worker/wrapper phase inlines it.
-- Result: happiness
-- Assertion function. This simply ignores its boolean argument.
-- The compiler may rewrite it to @('assertError' line)@.
......@@ -64,7 +64,6 @@ import Prelude
import GHC.Prim
import GHC.Base
import GHC.Magic
import GHC.Word
import GHC.Int
import GHC.Ptr
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