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[project @ 2001-08-22 15:05:21 by simonmar]

fptools-ish Makefile
parent 061ce2c8
# Yes, it's a hack. Complaints to /dev/null.
TOP = ..
include $(TOP)/mk/
TopSort.hs CmdLexer.hs CmdParser.hs CmdSemantics.hs CmdSyntax.hs Main.hs \
......@@ -16,19 +16,11 @@ RUNTESTS_SRCS= \
basicRxLib/ParsePolyRegexp.hs basicRxLib/ParsePolyRegexpBasic.hs \
basicRxLib/ParseStringRegexp.hs basicRxLib/Parsers.hs basicRxLib/Regexp.hs
all: runtests
@echo "Make boot is not needed here"
all :: runtests
runtests: $(RUNTESTS_SRCS)
ghc -W -fno-warn-unused-matches --make Main -o runtests -ibasicRxLib -package lang -package util -cpp
/bin/rm -f runtests *.o *.hi basicRxLib/*.o basicRxLib/*.hi
$(GHC) $(HC_OPTS) -W -fno-warn-unused-matches --make Main -o runtests -ibasicRxLib -package lang -package util -cpp
CLEAN_FILES += basicRxLib/*.o basicRxLib/*.hi
%.hs : %.y
happy $(HAPPY_OPTS) -o $@ $<
include $(TOP)/mk/
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