Commit 10cc302b authored by David Himmelstrup's avatar David Himmelstrup

Fix minor bug in Linker.withExtendedLinkEnv

parent 53e5ed27
......@@ -146,8 +146,8 @@ withExtendedLinkEnv new_env action
let new_closure_env = extendClosureEnv (closure_env pls) new_env
new_pls = pls { closure_env = new_closure_env }
writeIORef v_PersistentLinkerState new_pls
return pls
reset_old_env pls = writeIORef v_PersistentLinkerState pls
return (closure_env pls)
reset_old_env env = modifyIORef v_PersistentLinkerState (\pls -> pls{ closure_env = env })
-- filterNameMap removes from the environment all entries except
-- those for a given set of modules;
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