Commit 13131ce9 authored by Matthías Páll Gissurarson's avatar Matthías Páll Gissurarson Committed by Ben Gamari
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Fix typo in TcErrors.hs

This fixes a very simple typo in TcErrors.hs. I hope this is small
enough in scope to be accepted through GitHub.
parent 1c6ce33d
......@@ -430,7 +430,7 @@ they can give rise to improvement. Example (Trac #10100):
instance Add Zero b b
instance Add a b ab => Add (Succ a) b (Succ ab)
The context (Add a b ab) for the instance is clearly unused in terms
of evidence, since the dictionary has no feilds. But it is still
of evidence, since the dictionary has no fields. But it is still
needed! With the context, a wanted constraint
Add (Succ Zero) beta (Succ Zero)
we will reduce to (Add Zero beta Zero), and thence we get beta := Zero.
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