Commit 156fb568 authored by's avatar

Fix rank-validity testing

GHC does not now do "hoisting" as it used to.  Instead, it allows
foralls to the right of fuction arrows, as well as to the left.

But the type-validity tester hadn't caught up.  This commit fixes 
it. The test is tc203.

Incidentally, GHC still doesn't let you write
	forall a. Eq a => forall b. b -> b
because we get a zillion reduce/reduce errors if we allow that.  I'm
sure it's fixable.  But meanwhile you have to use an auxiliary type
synonym, which is a bit stupid.
parent 2c1ea2ce
......@@ -731,14 +731,16 @@ check_poly_type (Rank 0) ubx_tup ty
= check_tau_type (Rank 0) ubx_tup ty
check_poly_type rank ubx_tup ty
= let
(tvs, theta, tau) = tcSplitSigmaTy ty
check_valid_theta SigmaCtxt theta `thenM_`
check_tau_type (decRank rank) ubx_tup tau `thenM_`
checkFreeness tvs theta `thenM_`
checkAmbiguity tvs theta (tyVarsOfType tau)
| null tvs && null theta
= check_tau_type rank ubx_tup ty
| otherwise
= do { check_valid_theta SigmaCtxt theta
; check_poly_type rank ubx_tup tau -- Allow foralls to right of arrow
; checkFreeness tvs theta
; checkAmbiguity tvs theta (tyVarsOfType tau) }
(tvs, theta, tau) = tcSplitSigmaTy ty
check_arg_type :: Type -> TcM ()
-- The sort of type that can instantiate a type variable,
......@@ -781,8 +783,8 @@ check_tau_type rank ubx_tup (PredTy sty) = getDOpts `thenM` \ dflags ->
check_tau_type rank ubx_tup (TyVarTy _) = returnM ()
check_tau_type rank ubx_tup ty@(FunTy arg_ty res_ty)
= check_poly_type rank UT_NotOk arg_ty `thenM_`
check_poly_type rank UT_Ok res_ty
= check_poly_type (decRank rank) UT_NotOk arg_ty `thenM_`
check_poly_type rank UT_Ok res_ty
check_tau_type rank ubx_tup (AppTy ty1 ty2)
= check_arg_type ty1 `thenM_` check_arg_type ty2
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