Commit 15ece727 authored by Andrew Martin's avatar Andrew Martin Committed by Ben Gamari

base: Improve documentation of indexArray#

parent 91a82de0
......@@ -829,8 +829,13 @@ primop SizeofMutableArrayOp "sizeofMutableArray#" GenPrimOp
primop IndexArrayOp "indexArray#" GenPrimOp
Array# a -> Int# -> (# a #)
{Read from specified index of immutable array. Result is packaged into
an unboxed singleton; the result itself is not yet evaluated.}
{Read from the specified index of an immutable array. The result is packaged
into an unboxed unary tuple; the result itself is not yet
evaluated. Pattern matching on the tuple forces the indexing of the
array to happen but does not evaluate the element itself. Evaluating
the thunk prevents additional thunks from building up on the
heap. Avoiding these thunks, in turn, reduces references to the
argument array, allowing it to be garbage collected more promptly.}
can_fail = True
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