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Massive patch for the first months work adding System FC to GHC #22

Broken up massive patch -=chak
Original log message:  
This is (sadly) all done in one patch to avoid Darcs bugs.
It's not complete work... more FC stuff to come.  A compiler
using just this patch will fail dismally.
parent fdcf1ffe
......@@ -806,6 +806,7 @@ cafRefs p (Lam x e) = cafRefs p e
cafRefs p (Let b e) = fastOr (cafRefss p (rhssOfBind b)) (cafRefs p) e
cafRefs p (Case e bndr _ alts) = fastOr (cafRefs p e) (cafRefss p) (rhssOfAlts alts)
cafRefs p (Note n e) = cafRefs p e
cafRefs p (Cast e co) = cafRefs p e
cafRefs p (Type t) = fastBool False
cafRefss p [] = fastBool False
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