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Don't float into unlifted function arguments

We were inadvertently destroying the let/app invariant,
by floating into an unlifted function argument.
parent 6b965570
......@@ -26,16 +26,17 @@ module FloatIn ( floatInwards ) where
import CoreSyn
import MkCore
import CoreUtils ( exprIsDupable, exprIsExpandable, exprOkForSideEffects )
import CoreUtils ( exprIsDupable, exprIsExpandable, exprType, exprOkForSideEffects )
import CoreFVs ( CoreExprWithFVs, freeVars, freeVarsOf, idRuleAndUnfoldingVars )
import Id ( isOneShotBndr, idType )
import Var
import Type ( isUnLiftedType )
import Type ( Type, isUnLiftedType, splitFunTy, applyTy )
import VarSet
import Util
import UniqFM
import DynFlags
import Outputable
import Data.List( mapAccumL )
Top-level interface function, @floatInwards@. Note that we do not
......@@ -155,18 +156,42 @@ need to get at all the arguments. The next simplifier run will
pull out any silly ones.
fiExpr dflags to_drop (_,AnnApp fun arg@(arg_fvs, ann_arg))
| noFloatIntoRhs ann_arg = wrapFloats drop_here $ wrapFloats arg_drop $
App (fiExpr dflags fun_drop fun) (fiExpr dflags [] arg)
-- It's inconvenient to test for an unlifted arg here,
-- and it really doesn't matter if we float into one
| otherwise = wrapFloats drop_here $
App (fiExpr dflags fun_drop fun) (fiExpr dflags arg_drop arg)
fiExpr dflags to_drop ann_expr@(_,AnnApp {})
= wrapFloats drop_here $ wrapFloats extra_drop $
mkApps (fiExpr dflags fun_drop ann_fun)
(zipWith (fiExpr dflags) arg_drops ann_args)
[drop_here, fun_drop, arg_drop]
= sepBindsByDropPoint dflags False [freeVarsOf fun, arg_fvs] to_drop
(ann_fun@(fun_fvs, _), ann_args) = collectAnnArgs ann_expr
fun_ty = exprType (deAnnotate ann_fun)
((_,extra_fvs), arg_fvs) = mapAccumL mk_arg_fvs (fun_ty, emptyVarSet) ann_args
-- All this faffing about is so that we can get hold of
-- the types of the arguments, to pass to noFloatIntoRhs
mk_arg_fvs :: (Type, FreeVarSet) -> CoreExprWithFVs -> ((Type, FreeVarSet), FreeVarSet)
mk_arg_fvs (fun_ty, extra_fvs) (_, AnnType ty)
= ((applyTy fun_ty ty, extra_fvs), emptyVarSet)
mk_arg_fvs (fun_ty, extra_fvs) (arg_fvs, ann_arg)
| noFloatIntoRhs ann_arg arg_ty
= ((res_ty, extra_fvs `unionVarSet` arg_fvs), emptyVarSet)
| otherwise
= ((res_ty, extra_fvs), arg_fvs)
(arg_ty, res_ty) = splitFunTy fun_ty
drop_here : extra_drop : fun_drop : arg_drops
= sepBindsByDropPoint dflags False (extra_fvs : fun_fvs : arg_fvs) to_drop
Note [Do not destroy the let/app invariant]
Watch out for
f (x +# y)
We don't want to float bindings into here
f (case ... of { x -> x +# y })
because that might destroy the let/app invariant, which requires
unlifted function arguments to be ok-for-speculation.
Note [Floating in past a lambda group]
* We must be careful about floating inside inside a value lambda.
......@@ -275,8 +300,8 @@ arrange to dump bindings that bind extra_fvs before the entire let.
Note [extra_fvs (2): free variables of rules]
let x{rule mentioning y} = rhs in body
let x{rule mentioning y} = rhs in body
Here y is not free in rhs or body; but we still want to dump bindings
that bind y outside the let. So we augment extra_fvs with the
idRuleAndUnfoldingVars of x. No need for type variables, hence not using
......@@ -288,11 +313,11 @@ fiExpr dflags to_drop (_,AnnLet (AnnNonRec id rhs@(rhs_fvs, ann_rhs)) body)
= fiExpr dflags new_to_drop body
body_fvs = freeVarsOf body `delVarSet` id
rhs_ty = idType id
rule_fvs = idRuleAndUnfoldingVars id -- See Note [extra_fvs (2): free variables of rules]
extra_fvs | noFloatIntoRhs ann_rhs
|| isUnLiftedType (idType id) = rule_fvs `unionVarSet` rhs_fvs
| otherwise = rule_fvs
extra_fvs | noFloatIntoRhs ann_rhs rhs_ty = rule_fvs `unionVarSet` rhs_fvs
| otherwise = rule_fvs
-- See Note [extra_fvs (1): avoid floating into RHS]
-- No point in floating in only to float straight out again
-- Ditto ok-for-speculation unlifted RHSs
......@@ -322,7 +347,7 @@ fiExpr dflags to_drop (_,AnnLet (AnnRec bindings) body)
rule_fvs = foldr (unionVarSet . idRuleAndUnfoldingVars) emptyVarSet ids
extra_fvs = rule_fvs `unionVarSet`
unionVarSets [ fvs | (fvs, rhs) <- rhss
, noFloatIntoRhs rhs ]
, noFloatIntoExpr rhs ]
= sepBindsByDropPoint dflags False (extra_fvs:body_fvs:rhss_fvs) to_drop
......@@ -403,8 +428,15 @@ okToFloatInside bndrs = all ok bndrs
ok b = not (isId b) || isOneShotBndr b
-- Push the floats inside there are no non-one-shot value binders
noFloatIntoRhs :: AnnExpr' Var (UniqFM Var) -> Bool
noFloatIntoRhs (AnnLam bndr e)
noFloatIntoRhs :: AnnExpr' Var (UniqFM Var) -> Type -> Bool
-- ^ True if it's a bad idea to float bindings into this RHS
-- Preconditio: rhs :: rhs_ty
noFloatIntoRhs rhs rhs_ty
= isUnLiftedType rhs_ty -- See Note [Do not destroy the let/app invariant]
|| noFloatIntoExpr rhs
noFloatIntoExpr :: AnnExpr' Var (UniqFM Var) -> Bool
noFloatIntoExpr (AnnLam bndr e)
= not (okToFloatInside (bndr:bndrs))
-- NB: Must line up with fiExpr (AnnLam...); see Trac #7088
......@@ -418,7 +450,7 @@ noFloatIntoRhs (AnnLam bndr e)
-- boxing constructor into it, else we box it every time which is very bad
-- news indeed.
noFloatIntoRhs rhs = exprIsExpandable (deAnnotate' rhs)
noFloatIntoExpr rhs = exprIsExpandable (deAnnotate' rhs)
-- We'd just float right back out again...
-- Should match the test in SimplEnv.doFloatFromRhs
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