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Change the format used by :print to show the content of references

    This comes as result of the short discussion linked below.
parent cf71c5a6
......@@ -369,7 +369,14 @@ ppr_termM y p Term{dc=Right dc, subTerms=tt}
return$ cparen (p >= app_prec) (ppr dc <+> pprDeeperList fsep tt_docs)
ppr_termM y p t@NewtypeWrap{} = pprNewtypeWrap y p t
ppr_termM y p RefWrap{wrapped_term=t} = braces `liftM` y p t
ppr_termM y p RefWrap{wrapped_term=t, ty=ty} = do
contents <- y app_prec t
return$ cparen (p >= app_prec) (text "GHC.Prim.MutVar#" <+> contents)
-- The constructor name is wired in here ^^^ for the sake of simplicity.
-- I don't think mutvars are going to change in a near future.
-- In any case this is solely a presentation matter: MutVar# is
-- a datatype with no constructors, implemented by the RTS
-- (hence there is no way to obtain a datacon and print it).
ppr_termM _ _ t = ppr_termM1 t
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