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Fix #8451

On FreeBSD, /usr/lib has to be added to the library path on linking when
libthr is needed but -nostdlib is used (which is the case when the -prof
and -threaded flags are combined).
parent bcc5c953
......@@ -2124,12 +2124,16 @@ joinObjectFiles :: DynFlags -> [FilePath] -> FilePath -> IO ()
joinObjectFiles dflags o_files output_fn = do
let mySettings = settings dflags
ldIsGnuLd = sLdIsGnuLd mySettings
osInfo = platformOS (targetPlatform dflags)
ld_r args ccInfo = SysTools.runLink dflags ([
SysTools.Option "-nostdlib",
SysTools.Option "-Wl,-r"
++ (if ccInfo == Clang then []
else [SysTools.Option "-nodefaultlibs"])
++ (if osInfo == OSFreeBSD
then [SysTools.Option "-L/usr/lib"]
else [])
-- gcc on sparc sets -Wl,--relax implicitly, but
-- -r and --relax are incompatible for ld, so
-- disable --relax explicitly.
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