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Split the Hsc phase into two subphases

The goal is that the second subphase will be run twice when using
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......@@ -529,12 +529,7 @@ data HscStatus
= HscNotGeneratingCode
| HscUpToDate
| HscUpdateBoot
| HscRecomp
(Maybe FilePath) -- Has stub files. This is a hack. We can't compile
-- C files here since it's done in DriverPipeline.
-- For now we just return True if we want the caller
-- to compile them for us.
| HscRecomp CgGuts ModSummary
type Messager = HscEnv -> (Int,Int) -> RecompileRequired -> ModSummary -> IO ()
......@@ -655,8 +650,7 @@ hscCompileOneShot hsc_env mod_summary src_changed
guts <- hscSimplify' guts0
(iface, changed, _details, cgguts) <- hscNormalIface' guts mb_old_hash
liftIO $ hscWriteIface dflags iface changed mod_summary
(outputFilename, mStub) <- liftIO $ hscGenHardCode hsc_env' cgguts mod_summary
return $ HscRecomp outputFilename mStub
return $ HscRecomp cgguts mod_summary
stable = case src_changed of
SourceUnmodifiedAndStable -> True
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