Commit 20667021 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Break loop in interface typechecking (fixes Trac #8002)

parent ed341a2a
......@@ -526,7 +526,6 @@ tc_iface_decl _parent ignore_prags
-- data T a
-- Here the associated type T is knot-tied with the class, and
-- so we must not pull on T too eagerly. See Trac #5970
mk_sc_doc pred = ptext (sLit "Superclass") <+> ppr pred
tc_sig (IfaceClassOp occ dm rdr_ty)
= do { op_name <- lookupIfaceTop occ
......@@ -538,9 +537,15 @@ tc_iface_decl _parent ignore_prags
tc_at cls (IfaceAT tc_decl defs_decls)
= do ATyCon tc <- tc_iface_decl (AssocFamilyTyCon cls) ignore_prags tc_decl
defs <- foldlM tc_ax_branches [] defs_decls
defs <- forkM (mk_at_doc tc) $
foldlM tc_ax_branches [] defs_decls
-- Must be done lazily in case the RHS of the defaults mention
-- the type constructor being defined here
-- e.g. type AT a; type AT b = AT [b] Trac #8002
return (tc, defs)
mk_sc_doc pred = ptext (sLit "Superclass") <+> ppr pred
mk_at_doc tc = ptext (sLit "Associated type") <+> ppr tc
mk_op_doc op_name op_ty = ptext (sLit "Class op") <+> sep [ppr op_name, ppr op_ty]
tc_fd (tvs1, tvs2) = do { tvs1' <- mapM tcIfaceTyVar tvs1
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