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Don't try to use -dynamic-too on Windows

It doesn't work
parent 2ea79ab7
......@@ -1188,7 +1188,12 @@ doDynamicToo dflags0 = let dflags1 = addWay' WayDyn dflags0
-- | Used by 'GHC.newSession' to partially initialize a new 'DynFlags' value
initDynFlags :: DynFlags -> IO DynFlags
initDynFlags dflags = do
refCanGenerateDynamicToo <- newIORef True
let -- We can't build with dynamic-too on Windows, as labels before
-- the fork point are different depending on whether we are
-- building dynamically or not.
= platformOS (targetPlatform dflags) /= OSMinGW32
refCanGenerateDynamicToo <- newIORef platformCanGenerateDynamicToo
refFilesToClean <- newIORef []
refDirsToClean <- newIORef Map.empty
refFilesToNotIntermediateClean <- newIORef []
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