Commit 20f90560 authored by niteria's avatar niteria

Remove some old commented out code in StgLint

This looks like some traces of an experiment to check if shadowing is good for
STG. The code refers to things that don't exist anymore and this part of
code hasn't been touched for ages, so I think this should be safe to

Test Plan: just comments

Reviewers: austin, bgamari, simonpj

Reviewed By: simonpj

Subscribers: thomie, simonmar

Differential Revision:
parent 227a29d1
......@@ -348,19 +348,9 @@ addLoc extra_loc m = LintM $ \loc scope errs
addInScopeVars :: [Id] -> LintM a -> LintM a
addInScopeVars ids m = LintM $ \loc scope errs
-> -- We check if these "new" ids are already
-- in scope, i.e., we have *shadowing* going on.
-- For now, it's just a "trace"; we may make
-- a real error out of it...
-> let
new_set = mkVarSet ids
-- After adding -fliberate-case, Simon decided he likes shadowed
-- names after all. WDP 94/07
-- (if isEmptyVarSet shadowed
-- then id
-- else pprTrace "Shadowed vars:" (ppr (varSetElems shadowed))) $
unLintM m loc (scope `unionVarSet` new_set) errs
in unLintM m loc (scope `unionVarSet` new_set) errs
Checking function applications: we only check that the type has the
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