Commit 21c190f4 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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FIX #2976: fix buggy implementation of shadowing in GHC.getBindings

parent 9c9071e8
......@@ -289,8 +289,6 @@ import Annotations
import Module
import LazyUniqFM
import qualified UniqFM as UFM
import UniqSet
import Unique
import FiniteMap
import Panic
import Digraph
......@@ -2376,14 +2374,10 @@ getBindings = withSession $ \hsc_env ->
-- we have to implement the shadowing behaviour of ic_tmp_ids here
-- (see InteractiveContext) and the quickest way is to use an OccEnv.
tmp_ids = ic_tmp_ids (hsc_IC hsc_env)
filtered = foldr f (const []) tmp_ids emptyUniqSet
f id rest set
| uniq `elementOfUniqSet` set = rest set
| otherwise = AnId id : rest (addOneToUniqSet set uniq)
where uniq = getUnique (nameOccName (idName id))
occ_env = mkOccEnv [ (nameOccName (idName id), AnId id)
| id <- ic_tmp_ids (hsc_IC hsc_env) ]
return filtered
return (occEnvElts occ_env)
getPrintUnqual :: GhcMonad m => m PrintUnqualified
getPrintUnqual = withSession $ \hsc_env ->
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