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Don't float case expressions in full laziness

See Note [Case MFEs]; don't float case expressions from 
a strict context.
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......@@ -366,6 +366,14 @@ For example:
where h :: Int -> Int# is expensive. We'd like to float the (h y) outside
the \x, but we don't because it's unboxed. Possible solution: box it.
Note [Case MFEs]
We don't float a case expression as an MFE from a strict context. Why not?
Because in doing so we share a tiny bit of computation (the switch) but
in exchange we build a thunk, which is bad. This case reduces allocation
by 7% in spectral/puzzle (a rather strange benchmark) and 1.2% in real/fem.
Doesn't change any other allocation at all.
lvlMFE :: Bool -- True <=> strict context [body of case or let]
-> Level -- Level of innermost enclosing lambda/tylam
......@@ -384,6 +392,10 @@ lvlMFE strict_ctxt ctxt_lvl env (_, AnnCast e co)
= do { expr' <- lvlMFE strict_ctxt ctxt_lvl env e
; return (Cast expr' co) }
-- Note [Case MFEs]
lvlMFE True ctxt_lvl env e@(_, AnnCase {})
= lvlExpr ctxt_lvl env e -- Don't share cases
lvlMFE strict_ctxt ctxt_lvl env ann_expr@(fvs, _)
| isUnLiftedType ty -- Can't let-bind it; see Note [Unlifted MFEs]
|| isInlineCtxt ctxt_lvl -- Don't float out of an __inline__ context
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