Commit 226f2caf authored by dterei's avatar dterei

SafeHaskell: Restore comment although we don't know what it means.

Comment was removed as I thought it was incorrect now with code
changes but Simon M thinks my interpretation of the comment
was incorrect. He isn't sure what the comment is refereeing to
either though! So have restored comment and created trac #5249
to track fixing this at some point.
parent 0f3c6c61
......@@ -928,7 +928,14 @@ getModuleInfo mdl = withSession $ \hsc_env -> do
let mg = hsc_mod_graph hsc_env
if mdl `elem` map ms_mod mg
then liftIO $ getHomeModuleInfo hsc_env mdl
else liftIO $ getPackageModuleInfo hsc_env mdl
else do
{- if isHomeModule (hsc_dflags hsc_env) mdl
then return Nothing
else -} liftIO $ getPackageModuleInfo hsc_env mdl
-- getPackageModuleInfo will attempt to find the interface, so
-- we don't want to call it for a home module, just in case there
-- was a problem loading the module and the interface doesn't
-- exist... hence the isHomeModule test here. (ToDo: reinstate)
getPackageModuleInfo :: HscEnv -> Module -> IO (Maybe ModuleInfo)
#ifdef GHCI
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