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Document +RTS -hT

We forgot to document this in GHC 6.8
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<title>RTS options for profiling and parallelism</title>
<title>RTS options for concurrency and parallelism</title>
<para>The RTS options related to profiling are described in <xref
linkend="rts-options-heap-prof"/>, those for concurrency in
<para>The RTS options related to concurrency are described in
<xref linkend="using-concurrent" />, and those for parallelism in
<xref linkend="parallel-options"/>.</para>
<title>RTS options for profiling</title>
<para>Most profiling runtime options are only available when you
compile your program for profiling (see
<xref linkend="prof-compiler-options" />, and
<xref linkend="rts-options-heap-prof" /> for the runtime options).
However, there is one profiling option that is available
for ordinary non-profiled executables:</para>
<para>Generates a basic heap profile, in the
file <literal><replaceable>prog</replaceable>.hp</literal>.
To produce the heap profile graph,
use <command>hp2ps</command> (see <xref linkend="hp2ps"
/>). The basic heap profile is broken down by data
constructor, with other types of closures (functions, thunks,
etc.) grouped into broad categories
(e.g. <literal>FUN</literal>, <literal>THUNK</literal>). To
get a more detailed profile, use the full profiling
support (<xref linkend="profiling" />).</para>
<sect2 id="rts-options-debugging">
<title>RTS options for hackers, debuggers, and over-interested
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