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Typo in patch that dealt with duplicating continuations in Simplify

parent da107045
......@@ -1826,10 +1826,10 @@ mkDupableCont env (ApplyTo _ arg mb_se cont)
; (floats2, arg2) <- mkDupableArg env arg1
; return (floats2, (ApplyTo OkToDup arg2 Nothing dup_cont, nondup_cont)) }}
mkDupableCont env cont@(Select _ case_bndr [_] _ _)
mkDupableCont env cont@(Select _ case_bndr [_] se _)
= returnSmpl (emptyFloats env, (mkBoringStop scrut_ty, cont))
scrut_ty = substTy env (idType case_bndr)
scrut_ty = substTy se (idType case_bndr)
-- This case is just like the previous one. Here's an example:
-- data T a = MkT !a
-- ...(MkT (abs x))...
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