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Changes the behavior of the "edit" command in GHCi.

Currently, when the user invokes the GHCi editor without a parameter
GHCi chooses the last file that loaded _sucessfully_.
This patch changes this behavior to start the editor with the
last file that _faild_ (this being what I usually want to edit).
Caveat: we use the module graph to determine what happened
and so we do not catch errors that occured during dependecy
analysis (e.g., a mis-typed module name) but we could fix this later.
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......@@ -723,25 +723,47 @@ changeDirectory dir = do
io (setCurrentDirectory dir)
editFile :: String -> GHCi ()
editFile str
| null str = do
-- find the name of the "topmost" file loaded
session <- getSession
graph0 <- io (GHC.getModuleGraph session)
graph1 <- filterM (io . GHC.isLoaded session . GHC.ms_mod_name) graph0
let graph2 = flattenSCCs (GHC.topSortModuleGraph True graph1 Nothing)
case GHC.ml_hs_file (GHC.ms_location (last graph2)) of
Just file -> do_edit file
Nothing -> throwDyn (CmdLineError "unknown file name")
| otherwise = do_edit str
do_edit file = do
st <- getGHCiState
let cmd = editor st
when (null cmd) $
throwDyn (CmdLineError "editor not set, use :set editor")
io $ system (cmd ++ ' ':file)
return ()
editFile str =
do file <- if null str then chooseEditFile else return str
st <- getGHCiState
let cmd = editor st
when (null cmd)
$ throwDyn (CmdLineError "editor not set, use :set editor")
io $ system (cmd ++ ' ':file)
return ()
-- The user didn't specify a file so we pick one for them.
-- Our strategy is to pick the first module that failed to load,
-- or otherwise the first target.
-- XXX: Can we figure out what happened if the depndecy analysis fails
-- (e.g., because the porgrammeer mistyped the name of a module)?
-- XXX: Can we figure out the location of an error to pass to the editor?
-- XXX: if we could figure out the list of errors that occured during the
-- last load/reaload, then we could start the editor focused on the first
-- of those.
chooseEditFile :: GHCi String
chooseEditFile =
do session <- getSession
let hasFailed x = io $ fmap not $ GHC.isLoaded session $ GHC.ms_mod_name x
graph <- io (GHC.getModuleGraph session)
failed_graph <- filterM hasFailed graph
let order g = flattenSCCs $ GHC.topSortModuleGraph True g Nothing
pick xs = case xs of
x : _ -> GHC.ml_hs_file (GHC.ms_location x)
_ -> Nothing
case pick (order failed_graph) of
Just file -> return file
Nothing ->
do targets <- io (GHC.getTargets session)
case msum (map fromTarget targets) of
Just file -> return file
Nothing -> throwDyn (CmdLineError "No files to edit.")
where fromTarget (GHC.Target (GHC.TargetFile f _) _) = Just f
fromTarget _ = Nothing -- when would we get a module target?
defineMacro :: String -> GHCi ()
defineMacro s = do
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